Patrick said...

The stigma surrounding the word "snitch" is a problem.

If you're in the game doing dirt, it should be rule number one--keep your mouth shut. But for motherfuckers minded their own business--mom, pop and cousin Joe--I don't see it like that. That's not to say I'd fuck around and tattle-tell on a cat for serving, I just think we need to put this in perspective.

In the 1960's black neighborhoods across the US were organizing and militarizing, and with the militarization came COINTELPRO--the FBI's cell who's soul purpose was to break up groups such as the Black Panthers, Weathermen, etc. Snitching at the time was becoming a problem as the Government was waving carrots in the faces of the starving, & freedom in the eyes of the imprisoned, for a chance at an indictment against anyone, or any group, considered a threat to the US Government. Which, historically, shows the need for such stigma in centralized areas throughout the US as they were, for lack of a better description, under attack.

Now, I'm not saying shit is all better in 07, or that cops aren't dirty-whore-bag-cocksuckers--I really don't like those dudes. I just think cats should actually look into shit like this instead of taking a village idiot like Cam's word for it. Who I really, really, think has no business speaking for Hip Hop. And, strait up, if I've got a serial killer living next door to my moms and I can't personally kill this dude--being out of town, whatever-- I'm calling One Time.

I give a shit--ultimately, its the whole neighborhood and community that suffers from this type of ignorant behavior.

Here's a link to a PDF file on the history of snitch, and how our lovely government is using informants today.


Also, I'd recommend everyone find and download Frontline's special, from '99,I believe, "Snitch," which investigates state prosecutors use of informants in recent drug trials.

Patrick said...

My bad, that link again;